Texture Cure

Concrete Texture Curing Machine
TC 1200, 12-28

Texture Cure – Concrete Texture Curing Machine

Apollo Inffratech offers with the most technologically advanced texture cure machine on the concrete paving market today. Concrete Texture Curing Machine offers with features contributing to the best in class models which includes TC 1200 and TC 12-28. Both the models vary with the technical specifications where you can choose one of them that meet your needs.

Some of the varying salient features of the Texture Cure are mentioned as below

  • It has an enclosed engine compartment with soundproofing system which consists of 35HP diesel engine
  • Cure spray system which continuously returns agitation, variable speed as well as having hydraulic control from operating platforms
  • One hydraulic sensor, as well as one streamline sensor, is been present in TC 1200
  • For TC 1200 the capacity of the hydraulic oil reservoir is 31 gallon (117ltrs) whereas for TC 12-28 it is of 55 gallons (208ltrs)
  • Fuel Reservoir varies from 16.6 gallon (63ltr) to 46 gallon (174ltr)
  • It also has hydraulic pump with double stage as well as having four section hydraulic pump.

There are also other technical terms to be considered for the Texture cure, you can refer the model catalogues and choose the best texture cure machine meeting the needs.