Dry Type Batching Plant

Dry type batching plant

Dry Type Batching Plant

Dry Batching Plant

Standard Supply
  • Inline Aggregate Storage Bins
  • Weighing Bin and Conveyor
  • Charging Conveyor
  • Fully Automatic Control Panel & Cabin
  • Cement Weighing Hopper with Screw Conveyor
  • Water Flow Meter/ Water Weighing Scale
  • Air Compressor
On Request
  • Aggregate Feeding Conveyor
  • Cement/Flyash Silo
  • Silo Accessories
  • Admixture Weighing System

Technical Specifications for Apollo Dry Batching Plants

Hourly Output m3/hr. Upto 120 m3/hr.
Batch Size m3 1 m3 – 9 m3
Aggregate Storage Capacity m3 90 m3 – 240 m3
No. of Storage Bins Nos. 4 nos. – 6 nos.
Pneumatic Discharge Gate Nos. 8 nos. – 24 nos.
Cement Weighing Hopper Kg. 1000 kg. – 5000 kg.
Water Weighing Hopper Liter 500 L – 2500 L
Screw Conveyor Dia mm- t/ D219 -60 t/h, D323-120 t/h L
Air Compressor Hp 5 Hp – 10 Hp
Operating Voltage/Frequency Volt 400 V, 50 Hz, 3 Phase

A dry type batching plant is a special machine that is very different from some of the other conventional machines as it does not comprise of any concrete mixers. The mixing trucks carry out this process of mixing and the operation is quite thorough without any error. Aggregate weight of cement, water, etc. is automatically measured and is then poured into the mixer truck. In the dry batching plant, the ingredients are first discharged into a chute before being transferred to the concrete mixer truck. It has a very strong build that makes it competent to perform heavy duty operations.


A Dry Type Batch Plant is a mixing plant that mixes large quantities of materials such as cement and water to prepare large batches of concrete. Dry batching plant is best suitable for construction projects wherein large amounts of concrete are required, such as highway projects, bridge projects, electric power plants, commercial concrete plants, water resource plants, and airport projects.


Advantages of Dry Batch Plant:

  • It is highly efficient and delivers steady performance.
  • It has a user-friendly operation.
  • It can be customized as per the user’s requirement.
  • It has a strong build quality for heavy-duty operations.
  • It comes with a fully automatic control panel and cabin.