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Wire Cage Welding Machines ISM 250

Cage Welding Machine MBK ISM 250

Wire Cage Welding Machine

Cage Building Machine is been specifically designed for the wired cages for the reinforced manholes and concrete pipes. Usually, there are two types of cages which are round straight cages and round cage with a bell. The diameter of the cage is 330mm-2500mm whereas the maximum length is 3000mm. The diameter of the longitudinal is 5-10mm whereas the diameter of the wrap wire is 5-12mm having the welding capacity of 80kva.

Some of the features for this machine are as follows:

  • More reliability and long life span due to stable construction
  • High Flexibility
  • Closest possible production tolerance for precise and straight cages; compatibility with every standard
  • Rapid chain controlled diameter adjustment
  • Holding tray for longitudinal (load weight up to 1 ton)
  • Winding wire decoiler without cu-of ramp (Fixed)
  • Simple winding wire guide up to welding roller
  • Water re-cooling system with closed-circuit cooling (only necessary to fill once)
  • Safety light barrier system separated for feeding and cage removal side.
  • Security fence on right and left side as well as the central divisional area
  • Ambient condition standard +5 up to +40 degree Celsius

There are also other factors to be considered with this cage making machine which you can refer on website or contact us today.