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Pipe Making Machine for Hume Pipe/Spun Pipe

Walter Reginald Hume (1873-1943) from Australia is the inventor of Hume Pipe. Hume pipe is the concrete pipe making process using the centrifugal process and also popularly known as the spun process in many parts. This is the most traditional method of producing the concrete pipes.

RCC Hume pipe refers to Reinforced Concrete cement pipes. The Hume/Spun pipe process is widely used in undeveloped and developing countries. Generally, these spun pipes are used for sewage, drainage purposes.

The Hume/Spun pipe process is more labour oriented, exhaustive, less productive and quality is largely dependent on the operator skill. However, this process has got its own significance in terms of social attachment as these units are operating since decades by the earlier generations.

The developing countries are gradually shifted or shifting from Hume/ Spun process to the latest Vertical cast process. The new technology aims in terms of faster production with limited labour and most importantly the better quality product with consistency.

Change is the need of time

We Apollo Inffratech Pvt. Limited, Gujarat, INDIA offer the World-class vertical cast technology for producing the concrete pipes to the Indian Market and believe in the principle of “Change” The Hawkeye -USA and Pedershaab- Denmark, The world’s largest companies have merged in the year 2008 and became one company as HawkeyePedsrashaab Concrete technologies worldwide. We Apollo Inffratech Pvt limited & HawkeyePedsrashaab Concrete technologies worldwide have joined hands and formed a JV. Apollo has got exclusive rights in INDIA to manufacture HawkeyePedershaab machines with technical Know-how and expert guidance and quality control from HawkeyePedershaab –USA.

By this, we are committed to providing world-class products at a competitive price to the Indian market. In other words, we are participating in the economic growth of the country in infrastructure development.