Fixed Form Concrete Road Paver

STP 3750, 4500, 5500, 7500

Fixed Form Concrete Road Paver (3.75m to 7.5m Paving Width)

Fixed Form Pavers are manufactured with high tech mechanism with slab thickness which is been used in various applications including airport, runway, city roads, parking lots and many more. Fixed form paver consists of various models including STP 3750, STP 4500, STP 5500, and STP 7500. The model includes with the technical specifications, engine of 32HP@1500RPM having the drive tube speed as 0-80RPM and strike tube speed as 0-400 RPM. The hydraulic tank capacity of the models is 60ltrs where as the fuel tank capacity is 44ltrs. There are four screw jack tyres and supply voltage is of 12V DC. These concrete pavers are used to pave roads, sidewalks, airports, parking lots and many more.

Some of the features which are been considered with the fixed form concrete paver:

  • It has a finishing width up to 4.5 meters which can finish up to 200 sq ft per hour
  • Frames are made from hollow sections
  • Halogen lamps, which are self mounted are recharged through battery
  • Steering is been handled effortlessly and been controlled with levers governing two sets of drive tubes.

For more technical illustrations you can read the brochure of the models. Analyze with the illustration and choose the right model for Fixed Form Concrete Paver.