Self Loading Concrete Mixers

25FX, 4 TT

Self Loading Mixers 25FX

Self Loading Mixers 4 TT

Self Loading Mixers 45FX



Like many others success stories ours too has a legendary beginning.

CARMIX background comes in fact from CARMAN the Company that in the early Sixties started assembling parts and components supplied from old military and agricultural vehicles. The result was something far from the actual 4×4 mixers but already good enough to satisfy a precise need: assuring fresh concrete within the site.

Many years and millions cubic meters of concrete later, CARMIX customers are enjoying a completely self-independent off-road mobile batching plant.

This easy-to-operate and cost-effective equipment represents world-wide the Ideal Solution to produce and distribute the concrete in the most difficult job-sites as well as in the most congestioned downtown or in a remote island lost in the middle of the Pacific. If we can proudly say that everywhere CARMIX is synonymous of 4×4 Self-Loading Concrete Mixers that’s because our guarantee is, since always a continue innovation along with maximum quality and unmatchable reliability. Furthermore Metalgalante is continuously revolutionizing the “mixer-concept”: drum slewing 300°, the front cab, the hydraulically closed shovel, the Joymix, the electronic weighing system and other smart innovations were all born at the Home of CARMIX.

Our commitment is always to be one step ahead and, above all, closer to the needs and expectations of our Customers. To fulfil this challenge we engineer, select our suppliers, manufacture, test and serve with maximum care. Our award is the satisfactory feedback of thousand of Contractors and Governmental institutions, successfully at work with CARMIX in 150 different countries spread in the 5 continents. No matter where, no matter what, no matter how. CARMIX represent the Ideal Solution for producing easy & economic concrete.