Concrete Block Making Machine

Block Making Machine Models
ZN400 & ZN600, ZN1000 & ZN1500

Block Making Machine ZN400 & ZN600

Block Making Machine ZN1000 & ZN1500

Block Making Machines

Concrete Block Making Machines are highly versatile and are used for producing hallow and solid blocks, pavers, kerbstone, Flyash bricks etc. As there is a rise in construction the usage of these block making machine has been increased. There are various models been available which includes QT4, QT6, and T10& T25.

This concrete block making machine offers with different features that may vary with different machines

  • It offers with a high level of automation in the manufacturing and construction of the concrete block machines.
  • The equipment comes with a computerized control system which includes touch screen interphase and an encoder for various operational processes. This helps in controlling the frequency and range of vibration with exact precision.
  • Efficiency in power consumption
  • Continued innovation and research has led to the development of block making machines that have high energy savings while maintaining high-performance levels. This has great advantages in the developing countries where electrical installations and power supply levels are always fluctuating.
  • Production Capacity
  • The high production capacity of the block making machines has also been a major factor driving demand for the machines and the increasing usage of concrete blocks in the developing countries. The machine output per hour can be as high as 1000 blocks depending on the number of moulds and size of the moulds made per hour.
  • With all these positive developments and features, the demand for the block making machine will continue to grow exponentially in developing as well as developed countries.